Ready To Own Your
Freedom By Becoming
Free For Life?

From America’s #1 authority on creating freedom in life and business, Dr. David Phelps, and celebrated author and millionaire maker, Dan S. Kennedy, comes the proven blueprint to create personal and financial freedom in your life.

 Own Your Freedom
By Becoming
Free For Life.

From America’s #1 authority on creating freedom in life and business, Dr. David Phelps, and celebrated author and millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy, comes the proven blueprint for creating personal and financial freedom in your life. 

Own Your Freedom 
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Behind the scenes interview with Dr. David Phelps and Dan S. Kennedy.  See and hear them discuss the topics they couldn't write about in the book!

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Why now is the time to create cash flow and security through real estate.

The first two chapters of Own Your Freedom.

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What People Are Saying 

Dustin S. Burleson, DDS

Founder/President of Burleson Orthodontics

This book is dynamite. David & Dan demolish the outdated 'traditional' approach to life, career, and wealth we’ve all been taught and they offer a robust alternative path to success.

Alastair J. MacDonald

Founder; The Full Cycle Entrepreneur

What they have done here is more than a clarion call, it is a road map to a future of your design.  This book is not for everyone. Most will yield their freedom to the hoped-for benevolence of the authorities. For the rest of us, the call is clear and now, finally, the map to its achievement is too.

Daniel Marcos

CEO Growth Institute 

Own Your Freedom is the blueprint for taking responsibility & owning your life. It includes all the information, mindset, and tools you need to succeed in our volatile economy while laying out the strategies to compete in the new era of radical change.

Some Of What You’ll Find Inside:

Learn how to take the BUSINESS OF YOUR MONEY as seriously as you do your business or career.

The #1 investment that has proven itself in all economic seasons including runaway inflation!

Why ‘groupthink’ is derailing millions of people and the steps to avoid falling into this dangerous trap.

Learn to rethink how you approach retirement and ‘how much is enough’ by utilizing a Freedom Blueprint to achieve your goals.

The Five Core Principles to
Own Your Freedom

Discover Your Freedom Number

The Power of Associations

Wealth is What You Own--Not What You Do

Concepts Before Strategies--Strategies Before Tactics

Invest in Transferable Skills

What People Are Saying

Own Your Freedom Is For
Anyone Who Wants

To create independence and personal sovereignty

  • A proven system to create  wealth and make it work for you

  • A blueprint to personal and financial freedom

  • A roadmap for legacy and impact for future generations

Freedom & Financial Security
Are Under Attack!

Freedom is Doing What You Want,
When You Want,
With Whom You Want,
And Where You Want.

The Dr. David Phelps Story Of Freedom!

Years ago tragedy struck my family.

My daughter Jenna, at the age of two, was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphocytic leukemia.

At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with end-stage liver failure and placed on an organ transplant list.

After some time Jenna was finally matched with a donor. 

While she was in surgery, I sat in the waiting room and realized that all the money I accumulated through my dental practice didn’t mean anything if my daughter didn’t make it out of surgery. I prayed. 

Six long hours later there was good news, the surgery was a success but the road to recovery would be long.

I realized right then I wanted more time with my daughter, and working every day in my dental practice would NOT buy me that time.

That day forever changed my perspective.

Instead of trading my time for money, I learned how to make my money work for me and gained the freedom to spend all the time I want with my family. 

I’ve spent the last thirty years learning and building a system that allows me to live the life I want… and I’ve been teaching others to do the same including being a featured author on various real estate sites helping others learn the keys for success.

By Becoming
Free For Life

Dan S. Kennedy- The Millionaire Maker


Dan Kennedy is the author of over 30 published business and success books. He has somewhat miraculously never been absent from bookstore shelves from 1981-Present. 

His NO BS series is one of the most popular business book series, spanning 2004 to the Present, and placing on Amazon, Wall Street Journal, and other Bestseller Lists and INC. Magazine’s 100 Best Business Books List. His most recent book is ALMOST ALCHEMY: Make Any Business of Any Size Produce More with Fewer and Less by ForbesBooks.


Dan has been directly, integrally involved with legacy and newly built brands you’re familiar with, like Weight Watchers and Proactiv, but also hundreds of entrepreneurs’ enterprises, built from scratch to multi-million dollar and even billion-dollar values. As a sought-after Marketing Strategy Consultant, his recent and current fees begin at $3,300 per hour or $18,800 per day for in-person or teleconsulting. Per project, he integrates copywriting for every offline and online media, upwards of $100,000. His current and ongoing clients include niche-industry consulting/coaching firms working with thousands of solo and small law practices, dentists, and other professional practice owners; HealthSource, the largest franchisor in chiropractic; and High Point University. 

Dan was highly active in developing, writing for, and producing TV infomercials for about a decade. He has scripted and put words in the mouths of nearly 100 different celebrity spokespersons.

Freedom & Financial Security
Are Under Attack!

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